Hey guys, I’m wondering what

-you’d like to see me focus on in my art

-what you like so far

-what you’d like to see improve

-anything that irks you about my art.

-stuff you want to see me draw.

Feel free to go anon, I won’t be publishing or responding these but I’ll appreciate the input. Thank you!

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For an amazing artist waname ;v;

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Thanks to whoever watch my #stream !! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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I saw this image of Male-Robin in SSB4 website

I couldn’t help, but to draw him—


*throws another wipss* Inspired by a picture of my best friends cosplaying as their fav characters U v U

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Sky girl

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☆Daily drawing challenge☆
Day 2: Draw your favorite animal:

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☆Daily drawing challenge☆
Day 1: Draw Yourself

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preview of my entry for Ramadan contest

🌙Ramadan Kareem everyone
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